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The SteelMasters started out with a father and his son just wanting to see a Steelers game 25 years ago.  In 1992, well before NFL
Sunday Ticket, Bill "PO" Cunningham and Jason "MOOSE" Cunningham were looking for a place that had a satellite dish with the
hopes that they may be able to pick up the Steelers game on KDKA.  They found a hole in the wall Pool Hall called David's Billiards.  
The owner of the place said he could pick up the games every week if we wanted to come in and watch, and so it started.  In 1997,
the bar changed ownership and was renamed Robbie's Sports Bar.   As the years went on, more and more people began showing up to
watch the Steelers games with us.  In 2005, the group finally became a club and was named the Augusta SteelMasters.   After 19
years, the club grew too large for Robbie's to accomodate us and we began a search for a new venue to enjoy our Pittsburgh Steelers.
We spent two years at Somewhere in Augusta Bar & Grille and again outgrew the venue.  

Beginning in 2013, The Augusta SteelMasters were proud to call Wild Wing Cafe, 3035 Washington Rd Augusta, GA our home to
meet and cheer together for our beloved Pittsburgh STEELERS.  We welcome all visiting and local fans of the STEELERS who would
like to join in the celebration and pure joy that is inherent with being fans of the greatest, most successful and admired professional
football team in NFL history:

The Real America's team, the
6-time Super Bowl Champion
SteelMasters in Tampa, FL 2010
Steelers 38 - Bucs 13
SteelMasters in Nashville, TN
October 2012